Are you new into trading binary options? Reading the rest of this article will be good for you. There are so many newcomers of binary options trading that are easily swayed by the dazzling promises given by new technologies, promising them big rewards if they ever get to use it. The one you will learn more about is the system used by traders that assists them in trading binary options, known as the auto trading software. Just like many other software for computer use, basically what users should look for is one that they can use freely without any complexities. At least, it should be user friendly so that traders can do their algorithms into the system without much effort. However, because of the need for higher ROIs, it seems like a group of people has developed a system that makes the traders believe that they can get higher profits when using it. One of them is the Qbits Mega Profits system.

The Qbits Mega Profits system is at least owned by a man named “Jeremy Hart”, the CEO behind the creation of the system. Its official site has a very convincing video showing the CEO, sharing his secrets to his wealth. What makes it really convincing is how the site displays a shot of the Bank of America with the profits he earned from using the software. What’s more, there is another guy that you will see with Jeremy Hart, whose name was Anthony Bertolli. Both of them are a part of the “Rich Nerd Club”. Because the experts are concerned about the grand claims of the system, they conducted their own research and found disturbing information instead.

The official site where you are supposed to find the software is at The photos of the members that are supposedly giving their testimony on how they have earned huge profits from using the system looked to theatrical. This means that the photos are too professional looking that it doesn’t seem real. So the experts tried to dig deeper by searching for the name corresponding to the image that was posted with the member. It turns out that there is no man in that name at all. In fact, it was a stock image that is for sale. Some are even pictures taken out from other companies that are selling specific products and services. The logos, seals and certifications they presented are fake as well.

What makes it very interesting is that the software is really nice to look at compared to other systems that the experts have seen in the market. However, the system’s processes and features are not like the ones that you will see in an established auto trading software as described by Investopedia. The codes used are mostly PHP open source, which is designed in sucking away your money as soon as you make your deposit. You money will then be sent to a shady broker that you might never even find out who it is.